Arab Electric | RFID Solutions & Library Management Systems
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RFID Library Management Solution is an all-in-one system in building a smarter library. With the latest RFID technology, choices of devices and quick installation, we can instantly implement your new library system or seamlessly migrate the existing system from barcode-oriented to RFID-based.

  • Detection Gates
    • Anti-theft detection by triggering the alarm system when un-borrowed items passed through
    • Timeless design, wider entrances, high 3D detection range, selective alarm setting, customer counting and eco-friendly
  • Librarian Station
    • A desktop designated for book registration, check-in / check-out, renewal and disposal
    • Fast and accurate reading rate, check-in / check-out of multiple items at once, hence speeding up the circulation and shortening the patron queue
    • Processing loan and return records in real time
    • One single operation to perform both identification and anti-theft
  • Patron Self Service Station
    • Self check-in of library materials by patrons outside service hours; and self check-out to avoid queue up or of privacy concern
    • 7×24 book return service with a book-drop unit to be placed anywhere, inside or outside the library
    • User-friendly touchscreen and step-by-step instructions in multiple languages
    • Fast processing of multiple items at once with loan / return receipts for patrons’ records
    • Fully compatible, integrate and synchronize with the central library system
  • Fast Inventory
    • Comes with a handy RFID handheld device to read, locate and identify the library resources on bookshelves simultaneously
    • Quick inventory management offers easy stocktake, item search and misplacing materials alert with just a quick reading on the shelves
  • Data Conversion
    • Easily converting the barcode items into RFID tags for a hassle-free migration of the existing system which uses barcode labels to the better solution with RFID technology
  • Different Media Handling
    • Capable of handling library resources in different formats, including books, magazines, CDs and DVDs