Arab Electric | Parking Management Systems
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Parking Management Systems

Inadequacy of advantageous parking system creates difficulties for almost every motorist. Enhancement in existing parking solutions is quiet difficult to apply because of its complicated nature. Most of the independent organizations, institutions maintain their personal parking facilities. Based on site requirements the framework of parking management varies. Each site requirement is unique so, what is implemented in one establishment may not work for other.

In order to offer parking management system, the facility owner need to focus on two main factors; first, they are required to identify their unique parking area requirements and second, strategies to earn the most from their parking resources. Because of the significant investment and involvement in parking management, most of the facility owners decide to expand their resources.

Problems With Parking

The high percentage of vehicle ownership in the India, parking has become a conflicting and confusing situation for number of people. The following list identifies the kinds of problems that typically occur in a community:

  • Inadequate information for motorists on parking availability and price. Motorists are likely to be frustrated if they expected abundant and free parking but find limited or expensive parking, or if they must spend excessive time searching for a parking space.
  • Inefficient use of existing parking capacity. Local zoning ordinances, building codes, and other development practices can result in an oversupply of parking spaces and an inefficient use of existing parking.
  • Parking spaces that are an inconvenience to nearby residents and businesses. Businesses may experience difficulty in retaining customers and residences may have a problem finding parking close to their homes.
  • Difficulties with parking regulation and pricing. This problem can cause problems, including traffic congestion as motorist cruise for parking or stop in a traffic lane to wait for a space, and parking congestion in nearby areas.
  • Excessive automobile use. Automobile dependency imposes many costs on society. User costs include reduced travel choices, increased vehicle and residential parking costs, and increased accident risk. External costs include increased road and parking facility costs, congestion, uncompensated accident damages, environmental degradation, negative land use impacts, and reduced mobility for non-drivers

Also common issues like random Parking & illegal parking which leads to chaos & Wastage of parking space. Commuters have no information about availability of parking spaces and they tend to park at curbs for longer period of time.